Lil' Bronze Peach

Previous Results
2014-2015 - Suspended, won't be held
2013-2014 - Emmanuel 
2012-2013 - Emmanuel 
2011-2012 - Emmanuel 
2010-2011 - Southern Wesleyan 
2009-2010 - Southern Wesleyan 

The Lil’ Bronze Peach Series started on the golf course between Chris Williams and Mike Bona, the Athletic Directors at Southern Wesleyan University and Emmanuel College, in the summer of 2009. The purpose was to begin a rivalry between two Christian schools with like missions and purposes. Southern Wesleyan University and Emmanuel College (Franklin Springs, Ga.) have much in common, including their affiliations with the National Collegiate Athletic Association, Conference Carolinas, and the National Christian College Athletic Association. The schools are located just 50 miles from each other.

The idea of the trophy being the Lil’ Bronze Peach is based on the large amount of peaches that are produced in both South Carolina and Georgia. The annual competition will include all sports which both schools sponsor, which includes: baseball, men’s and women’s basketball, men’s and women’s soccer, and softball. Points will be awarded for regular season games only and the breakdown is as follows:

Baseball - 1.5 points per game (3 games)
Men’s Basketball - 2 points per game (2 games)
Women’s Basketball - 2 points per game (2 games)
Men’s Soccer - 4 points per game (1 game)
Women’s Soccer - 4 points per game (1 game)
Softball - 1 point per game (4 games)
Volleyball* - 2 points per match (2 games)
*volleyball was added beginning with the 2011-12 edition

In addition to the competition on the field, the school which has a higher percentage of their student-athletes on the CC All-Academic Team will receive four (4) points.

The total number of points that can be awarded each school year is 32.5 (starting in 2011-12). In the event of a tie, which is only possible if one baseball game is not played, the previous year’s winner will retain the trophy.

Trophy Presentation
The trophy will be presented at the winning school’s final chapel service with the losing Director of Athletics presenting the award to the winning Director of Athletics.