Sports Medicine

Sports Medicine at Southern Wesleyan University is a major factor in prevention and rehabilitation of any injuries to a student-athlete that might force them to miss time away from training or an event.

Ryan Small is the head athletic trainer at SWU and may be reached at 864-644-5313 or by email at

The Southern Wesleyan University Sports Medicine Clinic is located in Tysinger Gymnasium.  Services in the Sports Medicine Clinic include modalities such as ultrasound, electrical muscle stimulation, hydrotherapy, as well as other treatment methods to effectively manage injuries. A member of the Sports Medicine Staff will be on-site for all home contests.

Please notify the Head Athletic Trainer should you need to make any special arrangements for treatment before competition. If your team will not be traveling with a certified athletic trainer, please notify the Head Athletic Trainer prior to your travels.  To better accommodate your athletes, we request that you communicate any treatments your athletes may need before competition, and please provide the necessary supplies for the specific taping/treatment.     


Visiting Team Information:

The Sports Medicine Clinic will be open one and a half to two hours prior to competition and 30 minutes after competition for treatments.

  • Modalities available for use in Clinic: e-stim, ultrasound, heat/ice 

There are no modalities available at facilities other than Tysinger Gymnasium

Each bench will contain the following items:

  • Cooler with ice water
  • Cups and/or water bottles
  • Injury ice with bags

Located on the home bench or on-site during competition:

  • AED
  • Splints and crutches


Student-Athlete Medical Forms
All forms must be completed and turned in to the Sports Medicine staff BEFORE student-athletes are cleared for participation.


New Policies/Requirements for 2015-16:

Sickle Cell Status: 

All student athletes must provide testing results of their sickle cell trait status.  This is an NCAA policy, and is required for all genders and races of student-athletes.  Sickle Cell Trait screening is normally performed at birth as part of a newborn screen, and can easily be obtained by contacting the hospital where the student-athlete was born.  If records can’t be obtained through the hospital, student-athletes will have to get tested and provide the results BEFORE they are cleared for participation.

Concussion Management Policy

Sickle Cell Policy



SWU athletics will no longer accept Medicaid, Christian Healthcare Ministries, Medi-share (or any other medical cost sharing plan), and International travel policies, as primary insurance for incoming student-athletes.  If you are uninsured and interested in how to obtain insurance, please contact Ryan Small ( no later than three weeks before the start of school. 



Emergency Action Plan
Inclement Weather Policy



SWU Sports Med Handbook

Pre-Participation Physical Form

Asthma Letter Letter