Warriors Out Paced by USC Aiken

Photo by Jim Stephan / Belmont Abbey Athletics
Photo by Jim Stephan / Belmont Abbey Athletics

Aiken, SC – Southern Wesleyan dropped the non-conference match up to the USC Aiken Paces in a 56-82 final score on Wednesday evening.

The Warriors shot 35.7% from the field in the loss to the Pacers on Wednesday night.  Aneysa Williams led the Warriors with 24 points.  Southern Wesleyan had nine assists with Lisana Burnett leading the team with three and Caroline Reese following with two.  Burnett led in steals with three. 

Southern Wesleyan posted 31 rebounds.  Lisana Burnett led the Warriors with eight with Lonesha Lee following with seven.  Burnett and Denisha Hall each recorded blocks during the game.


Game Vitals

Final: USC Aiken 82, Southern Wesleyan 56

Records: Southern Wesleyan (0-4) USC Aiken (1-2)


How It Happened

USC Aiken took the first points of the game as Kwajelin Farrear made a layup to give the Pacers a 2-0 lead.  The Pacers continued to push ahead on free throws by Farrar.  A jump shot by Aneysa Williams allowed the Warriors to get on the board and put them down 2-8 to USC Aiken.  Southern Wesleyan fought back as Williams took a pass from Lisana Burnett and made a 3-point shot to put Southern Wesleyan down by four.  The Warriors continued to rally as Burnett and Brooke Henricks made shots to put Southern Wesleyan down 9-11.

The Warriors remained on the attack in the second quarter as Aneysa Williams sunk a 3-pointer off a pass by Caroline Reese to keep the Warriors within two points.  However back-to-back baskets by the Pacers allowed USC Aiken to take their lead to 16-23.  The Pacers continued to pick up the pace, with a layup by Melyk Taouil to give them a 30-16 point advantage.  Despite free throws by Brooke Henricks, the Warriors trailed the Pacers 21-40 at the half.

Southern Wesleyan came out swinging in the second half as Aneysa Williams sunk a three pointer to put the Warriors down 16-points to USC Aiken.  A second 3-pointer by Williams made the score 27-43, but the Pacers would not be silenced as Melyk Taouil made a just shot to make it 27-44.  However, the Warriors would not be discouraged as Caroline Reese made a 3-pointer to keep Southern Wesleyan within sixteen.

USC Aiken kicked off the final quarter with a jump shot by Taouil to give them a 65-40 point advantage.  Emily Waters sunk a jump shot, but the Pacers continued to push ahead as Rikoya Anderson made a jump shot to put USC Aiken up 70-43.  Southern Wesleyan would not be discouraged as Denisha Hall made a jump shot.  A Pacer foul allowed Waters to make a free throw so the Warriors come to 46-72 behind Aiken.  Waters continued the pressure as she made back-to-back jump shots.  Despite a late 3-pointer by Caroline Reese, Southern Wesleyan fell in a 56-82 final score.


What's Next

Southern Wesleyan will kick off Conference Carolinas action as they travel to Mount Olive, NC to take on the University of Mount Olive Trojans on November 23.  They will then return to Historic Tysinger Gymnasium to host the North Greenville Crusaders on November 26 at 5:30 p.m.